Our company is in the business of exports, imports and trading of commodity since 1995. Currently, we have a head office and a corporate office located in Gujarat. Our global presence covers various markets in USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East. Our Managing Director with 22 years of experience, have a mission of dramatically changing the way companies conduct global trade. Our company has been accredited as an International Commodity Export-Import & Trading Company and having APEDA (Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Develop certificate.

Our Company was originally incorporated as “Nouritrans Exim Private Limited” on September 07, 1995 under the Companies Act, 1956 vide certificate of incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies, Gujarat, Dadra and Nagar Havelli. Our Company was subsequently converted in to a public company and consequently name was changed to “Nouritrans Exim Limited” (NEL) vide fresh certificate of incorporation dated April 04, 2017 issued by Registrar of Companies, Gujarat, The ROC registration of Company: CIN : U51100GJ1995PLC027381

Over the decades, our company has emerged as a leading Import-Export & Trading Company with wide portfolio of International and Domestic customers. Due to years to existence, good business relations build and esteemed reputation gain internationally and domestically, our import- export processes allows smooth and automatic flow of goods across international borders and in the most efficient, compliant and profitable way. Further, our expertise and professional aptitude have also helped us in creating a long standing relationship with all our customers.

Our Revenues have grown to Rs. 1147.65 Lakhs in fiscal year 2017 from Rs. 634.13 Lakhs in fiscal year 2016, Rs. 634.13 Lakhs in fiscal year 2016 from Rs. 417.56 Lakhs in fiscal year 2015, Rs. 417.56 Lakhs in fiscal year 2015 from Rs. 118.72 Lakhs in fiscal year 2014, Rs. 118.72 Lakhs in fiscal year 2014 from Rs. 96.11 Lakhs in fiscal year 2013. Our net profit after tax was Rs. 29.92 Lakhs in fiscal year 2017, Rs. 5.95 Lakhs in fiscal year 2016, Rs. 5.07 Lakhs in fiscal year 2015, Rs. 0.44 Lakhs in fiscal year 2014; Rs. 0.51 Lakhs in fiscal year 2013.

Existing Brand

We have introduced "Al-Ayman" brand in the year 2009 with an objective of tapping the market segment. At present, we are selling our brand exclusively for Export only. In foreign countries, our distributors arrange for marketing and selling in their respective countries like India, USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East. Generally they sale in retail market as well as super markets "Al-Ayman" brand has assisted our company to be easily recognizable in the international and domestic markets we carter too. This has further helped our company to increase our growth and thereby our revenues.

Strong Customer base

Our record of timely supply of right quantity and quality products to our customers has helped us to build strong customer network over a number of years in India, USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East.

Well Established Supply and Logistic Chain

Being in the industry of import export since decades, we have established a strong supply chain for smooth, easy process and timely delivery of our goods internationally. Besides due to reputation gained and maintaining of the long term relationships, we have been easily able to procure our products domestically.

Wide Range of Products

We believe that maintaining a diverse portfolio in our business provides us with an opportunity to cater to diverse needs of different customer segment. Our portfolio consists of wide range of products which differentiate us from other companies. We have product portfolio which covers basmati rice, wheat flour, mango pulp, sunflower oil and metal scrap etc.

Quality Standards

We believe that qualitative products are the bed-rock for successful business growth. We follow stringent quality standards in our trade for all the goods before dispatching the same to our customers. We are APEDA certified for our areas of operations.

Strong Customer base

Our record of timely supply of right quantity and quality products to our customers has helped us to build strong customer network over a number of years in India, USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East.

Well Established Supply and Logistic Chain

Being in the industry of import export since decades, we have established a strong supply chain for smooth, easy process and timely delivery of our goods internationally. Besides due to reputation gained and maintaining of the long term relationships, we have been easily able to procure our products domestically.

Strong Risk Management

In today‘s volatile markets, our clients look for a steady expertise to help them manage their exposure to price risk. Over the years, we have been identifying, measuring and managing our own exposure to risk and are well aware of the operating and financial risks in our businesses. We work closely with all departments to measure our exposure to risk and quantify our risk tolerance. Then we develop and execute sound strategies that diminish the volatility. By managing our risk, we help our keep costs within an established range and preserve the potential to capture the upside of an opportunity. Our ability to provide risk-managed supply chains makes us a reliable supplier to clients and dealers across businesses.

Customer Satisfaction and Timely delivery of our Orders

Our Company has established a reputation in ensuring customer satisfaction via its qualitative products, well planned procurement of goods and timely delivering the goods to the end users. This policy has allowed us and shall help us in the future to grow our brand “AL-AYMAN” world-wide thereby increasing our growth and financial prospects.

Cordial relations with our customers and contractors

Our Management policy is to build strong business relationships with newer customers and contractors, maintain relations with the past satisfied customers and contractors. This policy allows us to get repetitive order with our customers as well as helps us to efficiently and timely execution of orders.

Scalable Business Model

Our business model is order driven, and comprises of optimum utilization of our resources and thereby enabling us to achieve consequent economies of scale. We believe that this business model has proved successful and scalable for us. This has been possible due to the extending our business in new markets in the USA,UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East and by adopting aggressive marketing of the products and also by maintaining the consistent quality of the product.


Focus on Performance and Quality

We strive to add value throughout the supply and demand chain by incorporating excellent trade practices in order to optimize better returns which are evaluated on quarterly basis. We deliver the best range of products and services to cater wide variety in quality on our shelf.

Increase Geographical Presence

We are currently operating out of our registered and corporate office in Ahmedabad. Beside this, we have our representatives in marketing our brands in UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East. Going forward we plan to establish our presence in the other countries and in domestic regions. Our emphasis is on expanding the scale of our operations as well as growing our supply chain network which we believe will provide attractive opportunities to grow our client base and revenues in the future. We also intend to adopt a very calculative and aggressive marketing strategy which is essential in the expanding Import-Export Business in newer markets. Our management intends to support this marketing effort with the activities that are done at the grass root level and through field works thereby maintaining regular communications and meetings.

Focus on Increase in Volume of Sales

As part of our business strategy, we intend to focus on increasing the volume of sales in the markets we are currently catering too. As an import-export, trading and distribution company we want to focus on larger volume of sales by extending our market segments and by further addition of new products in our current portfolio to achieve our targeted sales.

Expansion of product range

Our Company is currently engaged in the business of import and export of a variety of agro and scrap based products. We believe that one of the key ways in which our company plans to grow its revenue is by expanding its product range. We have recently increased imports and local supply & trading in Aluminum Scrap & Aluminum Ingot in Aluminum Alloys Industries, which we sell mainly in the Gujarat region. The Gujarat region is in a rapidly growing stage and we believe that there is immense scope for marketing of various new products in the fields of Aluminum Alloys. These products imported are used in various industry sectors like Alloys, Machine & Engine parts manufacturing. Due to this we have developed cordial relations with trade partners from a wide range of sectors and we believe that marketing new products will provide us a significant boost in our operations. Further, we have also started dealing in PET Flakes and HMS Scrap. Since 2015, we have also started dealing in Dates.

Continue to develop client and supplier relationships

We plan to grow our business primarily by growing the number of client and supplier relationships; as we believe that increased client and supplier relationships will add stability to our business. We seek to build on existing relationships and also focus on bringing into our portfolio more clients and supplier. Our Company believes that business is a by-product of relationship. Our Company believes that a long-term client relationship as large clients reap fruitful returns. Long-term relations are built on trust and continuous meeting with the requirements of the customers.

Strengthening our Brand

Our strategic objective is to increase the presence of our brand in the existing markets and positioning our brand in the future markets that we intend to capture. We intend to consequently improve our economic of scale whereby we can develop a brand expansion strategy that will help us to increase our market share, business growth and profitability. Further, we shall also use the appropriate pricing strategy to persuade our existing and newer consumers to buy our branded products.



• Efficient and Experience Management, Employees and Executive team

• Cordial relations with Customers

• Globally Recognised Products

• Internationally Satisfied Customers

• Established brand internationally and domestically

• Established and managed procurement and supply chain

• Strong and established network internationally and within India


• Dependent upon growth of economy at large

• Insufficient market reach

• Surge in finance needs to cope up with the increased demand

• High cost structure

• Higher taxes

• Dependence on suppliers for products availability

• Lack of access to the best natural resources.


• Arrival of new technologies

• Loosening of regulations

• Removal of international trade barriers

• Potential expansion of market.

• Increasing demand for quality agro products


• Industry is prone to changes in government policies.

• Fluctuations in the material prices.

• Long term market instability and uncertainty.

• A large number of domestic as well as multinational players.

• Highly competitive industry.

• Cheap imports from domestic markets.

• Competition from other developing countries.


• Search For Potential/Prospective Customer|

• Communication With Potential/Prospective Customer

• Arrange For Sample & Inspection Of The Products

• Check For Credential Of The Supplier/Distributor

• Enter Into An Agreement

• Procurement Of Products

• Packaging & Transportation To Warehouse

• Shipment & Logistics

• Documention For Import/Export


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